Julie Brawn-Whitesides, CPM®
Executive Vice President,
Property Management

Keith Alger
Vice President,
Property Services

LaDon Beck
Vice President,
Pacific Northwest Region

Ron Bowdoin
Vice President,
Los Angeles/
Inland Empire Region

Julie Brelsford
Vice President,
Arizona Region

Wes Daniel, ARM®
Senior Vice President,
Affordable Housing,
Southern California

Holly Granger
Vice President,
National Director of Marketing and Education

James R. Kent
Senior Vice President,
Central/Southeast Region

Andre Ladrech
Senior Vice President,
California Conventional

Daniel Limata, CPM®
Vice President,
Northern California Region

Kerry Menchin
Director of Compliance

Jim Murphy
Vice President,
Information Technology

Michelle Sites
Vice President,
Southern California

Marna Vaughan
Vice President,

Mary Wessler, CAPS
Vice President,
Colorado Region


Property Management Team Leadership

ConAm Management Corporation has been a nationwide leader in multifamily property management for more than three decades.  Without a doubt, the cornerstone of our success is our people.

Our executive team possesses an unparalleled wealth of experience, depth of subject knowledge and professional discipline—and is thoroughly dedicated to providing timely, practical and innovative solutions to successfully address any real estate challenge.